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The Trust will:

01   Preserve capital and maximise income through investments that are sustainable and ethical

Distribute the total value of grants approximating to the net income, after expenses, of the previous year

03  Publish our existence and objectives to target recipients

  Follow guidance on best practice and ensuring transparency by  making grants visible at 360 Giving

05  Ensure the Trust's operation and grant giving follows principles set out in the Funder Commitment on Climate Change

06  Minimise demands made by the Trust on applicants and grant holders whilst facilitating communication and support

07  Ensure cost-effectiveness by prioritising projects supported by a strong evidence-base and effective means of measuring outcomes or, where this is lacking, support the evaluation of such interventions. In the case of equally worthy and competing applications, apply the principle of "where we make the most difference"

08  Monitor the Trust's own performance, sharing experiences of best practice with other charitable and philanthropic organisations

09  Minimise operating costs of the Trust, compatible with the efficient running of the organisation and the achievement of its objectives

10  Review these operating guidelines every 2 years
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