The Brian Mercer Trust does not have any preference for any particular type of intervention or any region of the world.  When selecting successful applications our main objective  is all about doing the most good in the world, for the money invested.


Eligibility for grants

The Brian Mercer Trust does not issue grants for:


  • individuals

  • charities based outside the UK and Ireland

  • medical research projects

  • UK initiatives for specific local areas other than Blackburn, Lancashire

Application Form


In order to:


  • reduce the number of unsuccessful applications

  • simplify the application process

  • reduce applicants' workload

  • facilitate the Brian Mercer Trust's ability to make informed decisions


Applications must be made by completing the form below. 

Simply download the form and and fill out the editable blank fields.

Completed  forms should be emailed back to

Applications should be received at least 4 weeks before the next Trustee's meeting to allow adequate time for consideration.


Date of next meeting: 6th October 2020

Tips on completing the form


The completed form is limited to three pages. We recognise this is likely to prove a challenge. Ensure your responses are succinct and to the point. Prioritise what is most relevant for the application. 

Evidence of effectiveness and/or means of evaluating the proposed intervention is particularly important.  


Include links to additional information we might find helpful, e.g. to on-line reports, pictures, video or impact assessments.  


Download your grant
application form here.

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